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Welcome to BPC Power Rentals
We are into the business of Acoustic Diesel Generators on HIRE
BPC Power Rentals,with its 23 years of rich experience, is the Bangalore based leader in generator rental business in South India. We are providing efficient and cost effective industrial generators on hire, including acoustic diesel generators and automatic power generating sets with AMF panel
Our policy of providing high quality soundproof diesel generators and service at value prices remains our priority in today's competitive environment
  • Bangalore based market leader in generator hiring with more than two decade expertise in the same field.
  • Power rental company with the largest number of generators in state
  • Direct access to service staff round the clock
  • Always keeps truck mounted mobile generators to rush to the spot to act as a standby wherever there is service problem in our hired gensets, thereby reducing the down time to near zero
  • Generators taking on long term hiring is the latest trend for new generation companies,which is found to be economical and having a service advantage.

March 22. 2011

Religare signed contract with BPC for Powering their entire South Inida operations at various locations

December 29 2010

Adjudged as the only company in rental sector increased turnover during the difficult recession period by Business Inc.
"We are with BPC for the last 4 years continuously renewing the contract for generator hiring.Our management is extremely happy with their service and response time and just renewed it for another term"
Rehaman Nadaf,
Facility Head(Electricals),ABB